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The Difference Between a Murphy Bed Table and a Murphy Bed Desk

So you’re in the market for a Murphy Bed, but not sure the best one for you? As businesses urge their colleagues to work from home where possible, having a home office environment combined with comfortable living space is essential. Investing in a Murphy Bed table or desk will allow for an optimized, convertible living space.

What is a Murphy Bed Table?

Zoom Room has designed a bespoke Murphy Bed with a fold-down table for clients who want a home office desk orientated towards a window. Not only this, the Zoom table can also be used as a kitchen table in small apartments or a craft table. The beauty of our bespoke creations is that the cabinets come with customized storage to meet your exact needs. The Murphy bed with fold down table is a beautiful design so that you can have a bed that folds away when not needed and a table that effortlessly folds out into a generous workspace or dining area.

Behind the table of the Murphy bed, the innovative design has built-in shelves for extra storage, perfect for keeping things super organized! Simply fold away your table and it simply disappears. Then, at the touch of a button, out glides the Zoom Bed, to create the perfect guest room. Click here for a free design consultation.

What is a Murphy Bed Desk?

The Murphy bed desk from Zoom Room first started here in Miami, when a client had a very small space for an office. Our amazing team customized the bed to perfectly suit her situation. Since then, The Murphy Bed Desk has been one of the most popular products.

Every little detail is thought of with our Zoom Desk Bed. A fold-down convertible desk means you have a bed that hides away when not being used and a generous workspace can be created. With this stunning cabinetry, there is also room for a 22’ monitor, your keyboard and mouse. There are also small shelves around this space for you to place all your office essentials. Here at Zoom Room, we will also provide a power strip, so you can get to work in your home office right away.

A Murphy Bed Table Vs. Murphy Bed Desk

Our Murphy Bed with Desk is a great solution for anyone who’s a little restricted for space and looking for a great home office. Our Murphy bed with fold down table is multifunctional to allow for a home office orientated towards a window. This Murphy bed works great for this purpose but also can be used as a kitchen table in small apartments or a craft table in the perfect craft room.

Choose Zoom Room for Your Murphy Bed

Choosing the perfect Murphy Bed for your home can be tricky. Both the Murphy bed with a desk or table can give you a multifunctional space with unequivocal style and sophistication.

Whether it’s a Murphy Bed Table or Murphy Bed Desk you’re after, Zoom Room has got you covered!

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