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The Difference Between a Wall Bed, Murphy Bed and Zoom Bed

Murphy beds are a great way to maximize the function in any room. There are so many options available on the market today, it can be difficult to determine the best model for your home. When it comes to comparing Wall Beds, Murphy Beds and Zoom Beds, Zoom-Room has got you covered!

What is the Difference Between a Wall Bed and a Murphy Bed?

Essentially, wall beds and Murphy beds are so similar - a mattress enclosed within a cabinet that can be lowered off the wall when needed and stored away when it's not in use.

The main difference between a Wall Bed and a Murphy Bed is their ‘hardware’. A ‘Bi-fold’ style is used more in all beds compared to the ‘panel’ style used in Murphy beds. The European paneled style is preferred by many as the entire bed face comes down in one piece unlike the ‘Bi-fold’ style.

Why choose a Murphy Bed?

Choosing a Murphy Bed will be a stunning enhancement to any small space. A traditional Murphy Bed uses a set of springs which are attached to the sides of the bed, helping you to lift and lower the bed.

More specifically, Italian Murphy Beds are compact and easy to use, with a slatted frame. At Zoom-Room, our Murphy Beds are a little different from your average Murphy Bed design. The Italian styled Murphy Beds come with a beechwood slatted frame supported by rubber gaskets - this is a typical feature in Europe to help provide the ultimate comfort.

There are a number of Murphy Beds to choose from: Flat, Tak, Leo and Leri. Each one provides a stylish and stunning enhancement to any small space. The fantastic engineering allows you to use minimum effort and little space for both a convenient and comfortable guest room.

Check out some of our favorite Murphy Bed designs here

All about the Rotating Italian Murphy Bed

The Rotating Murphy Beds are a simple, yet ingenious concept. During the day, you have stunning cabinets with shelves for enclosed storage made from the finest European laminates; Then, at night, you simply pull and rotate the front panel to display a beautiful slatted frame Rotating Murphy Bed. This rotating wall bed swivel system is perfectly engineered to allow for maximum comfort at minimum effort, using the least amount of space, thus, making the revolving swivel a perfect, convenient and comfortable guest room.

Unlike other Murphy Beds (Murphy Desk Beds and Sofa Murphy Beds), the revolving and rotating wall bed allows for a safe and smooth pivot, so you can leave everything on the shelves and in the cabinets without worrying that anything will fall or break. Each Murphy Bed is exclusively made for your needs near the magnificent Lake Como, Italy. Zoom-Room receives your custom Murphy Bed order and will then send onto you - normally taking around 10-14 weeks.

Bespoke and Completely Customizable Zoom-Room Beds for Style and Comfort

A Zoom-Room electronic Murphy Bed does not fold down; it ‘snakes’ out of your custom cabinetry, allowing room for adjustable shelves or even a flat screen TV. At the press of a button your Zoom-Room Bed floats into the room!

This differs massively from the Wall Beds and Murphy Beds alike as the space in front of the cabinet is not wasted and does not need to be bolted to the floor. Therefore, this offers additional flexibility when you create your custom design for your space.

An Added benefit to the Zoom-Room remote controlled bed, is that you can take the bed with you, wherever you go. A Zoom-Room bed is known to be much more comfortable than a Murphy Bed as it is completely adjustable and you can fine tune the firmness of the mattress to suit you.

Read our blog for more information about our Zoom-Room Murphy TV Beds.

Why choose Zoom-Room for your next Murphy Bed purchase

At Zoom-Room we offer a free design consultation so you can design the perfect bespoke and completely customizable Murphy Bed or Zoom Bed for your home. To find out more about all the different types of Murphy Beds and Zoom Beds on offer, contact your friendly Zoom-Room dealer today!


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