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The Electronic Retractable Murphy Bed: As Easy As Pushing a Button

What is a remote controlled Murphy bed?

Also known as a wall bed, an Electric Retractable Murphy Bed is a space-saving solution that allows you to easily transform your room from a bedroom, to a living space by simply folding the bed into a cabinet on the wall. This can be especially useful for small homes or apartments, where space isn’t readily available. The remote control feature can make it easy to open and close the bed, even in tight spaces, and Zoom-Room Murphy beds can be customized with additional features such as storage. This bed can also be a great option for a guest room which you only use occasionally and need the extra space for everyday life.

Quick and easy to use

Remote controlled Murphy beds are generally very easy to use. The bed is operated by a remote control, which allows you to open and close the bed with just the touch of a button. The remote control is simple to use, with buttons that are clearly labelled and easy to understand.

The mechanism that allows the bed to open and close is designed to be smooth and effortless, which means that even if you have some mobility issues, you should be able to operate the bed without difficulty. It seamlessly fits into your home, as no one knows it's there. All you’ll be able to see initially is beautiful cabinetry built for the specific design solution, whether that be for home entertainment, a home office or to showcase your prized possessions. Typically a telltale sign of other hide-away beds is that there will be a big blank space against the wall, but there’s no worries of that with this stylish design.

They are great for small spaces

The bed is designed to be stored vertically against a wall, taking up minimal floor space when not in use. When the bed is closed, it blends seamlessly into the surrounding cabinetry or wall, giving the room a clean, uncluttered look. This makes it perfect for use in guest rooms, home offices, or multi-purpose rooms where the bed needs to be hidden for those times when you don’t need to use it. Another advantage of the electronic retractable Murphy bed is that it can help you save money by eliminating the need to purchase a separate bed as well as a storage unit.

Zoom-Room Murphy beds also come with additional features such as built-in storage, which can be very useful in small spaces. These beds can come with built-in units that can provide valuable storage space for clothes, linens, and other items.

You’ll be ready for a comfortable night sleep

The Zoom-Bed Murphy Bed’s have a premium high density foam mattress and it is manufactured under the strictest level of quality control, ensuring that it’s made for a beautiful night sleep. They also maintain their elasticity for decades to come, so you'll never experience lumps or sagging.

The electronic, remote controlled, retractable Zoom-Bed Murphy Bed is normally available in Queen size. However, Twin, Full and King sizes are available as a special order. If this is something you are interested in, make sure to contact us for more information.

A great investment for your home

A remote controlled Murphy bed can be a good investment if you have limited space in your home and need a versatile sleeping option. It allows you to easily convert a room into a bedroom or workspace as needed, and can save you the cost of purchasing a separate bed and desk or office furniture. They are high quality so will last for many years to come, providing that you take good care of the bed.

Zoom-Room feels like a luxurious bed, much like the one you probably have in your master bedroom. It is more comfortable than a Murphy bed, which has neither box springs nor, normally, a slatted frame, and since it’s adjustable, you can fine tune the firmness of the mattress.

Are you ready for an Electric Remote Controlled Murphy Bed?

Overall, a remote controlled Murphy bed is a great option for anyone looking for a space-saving, versatile and convenient bed solution, to make the most of a small space. It can be a great addition to any home, providing both practicality and style, and they are easy to use. It can help you create a more functional and comfortable living environment, while also providing a stylish and modern look to your home.

Zoom-Room is an industry leading provider of Murphy Beds, including unique German-made Electric Murphy Beds and Motorized Murphy Beds.


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