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The Murphy Bed Comeback

Our day to day lives over the last couple of years have changed and we have started to look at our homes differently. A home, once for living and entertaining guests, has now also become a place to work and homeschool or care for extended family. But how do we fit our modern lives and all of our things into that one space?

With a more than Century old engineering innovation, that’s how! The resurgence of the Murphy Bed is exciting - the perfect space saving solution with improved technology and comfort, you can convert any room into multi-use without compromising on square footage or storage. With a single motion, or press of a button, you can transform a shelving unit or a desk space into a comfortable bed with a high end mattress and lush bedding!

At Zoom Room, we have a large range of Murphy Beds to suit every home and style, read on to see some examples of just how creative you can get with your space.

Italian Murphy Bed Range

Sleek elegant style with over 50 years of engineering innovation, Italian Murphy Bed products from SmartBeds, are made by the Colombo family in Northern Italy who have been in the furniture making business for over 100 years. They have been designing and fabricating supremely stylish and functional space saving furniture since the 1960’s. Smaller spaces no longer need to limit your lifestyle.

Rotating Murphy Beds

Have a stunning cabinet with shelves or closed storage by day. At night, simply pull and rotate the front panel to expose a slatted frame Murphy Bed at the back. Bring the bed down to create a comfortable and convenient guest room. You can even leave everything on your shelves - they won’t fall off! All of our Rotating Italian Murphy Beds come with a Beechwood slatted frame supported by rubber gaskets for total comfort.

Sofa Murphy Beds

Pictured here is the “Ghost” Sofa Murphy Bed featuring a stunning back panel with shelf, luxurious sofa, under sofa storage, optional storage arms and it is available in a variety of fabrics and finishes. Also available are the “Dile” and the “Houdini” Sofa Murphy Beds.

Have the best of both worlds with a luxurious comfortable sofa during the day and a stunning Murphy Bed at night - brilliant engineering allows for all of this with minimum effort in the least amount of space.

Desk Murphy Beds

The “Dotto” Murphy Desk Bed is available in both Horizontal and Vertical models, Queen size or twin with the options of upper and side cabinets. It features an ample and stylish desk and when opened out into the bed, everything on the desk can stay in place.

For those who need to incorporate a home office into their space, as well as a comfortable sleeping area, a Desk Murphy Bed is the perfect solution. Just pull down the front panel and your desk top folds under your comfortable slatted frame Murphy Bed. Another great space saving solution!

We also have available the Besk Free Standing Murphy Desk Bed.

Flat Panel Murphy Beds

With an exceptionally low profile, optional shelving and storage options to the sides, the Flat Murphy Bed really is a genius space saving solution. Available in vertical or horizontal models and made with the finest Laminates you really can find the perfect Murphy bed to fit your style and space.

There are Murphy Beds, and then there are Italian Murphy Beds. Stylish, extraordinarily compact, easy to use and a stunning enhancement to any small space. Simply pull down the panel to expose the slatted frame Murphy Bed.

Also available are the Tak, Leo and Leri options.

Murphy Bunk Beds

Are the grandchildren coming to stay? The Angel Twin Horizontal Bunk Beds with ladder and safety bar are a great solution for your smaller space. Made from the finest European Laminates they fold away into a low profile sleek cabinet.

Also available are the Boss Twin, Ledo Twin and Nathan Twin options. With the Boss you can have the option of making the bottom bunk a desk and with the Nathan, its revolving back creates a sofa!

Murphy Bunk Beds are a great addition to anywhere you need to fit lots of people into a small space - for instance a kids room, ski lodge or even a fire house!

As you can see, installing a Murphy Bed into your home can provide you with stylish space saving innovations and our ranges don’t stop there - we also have Amish Heartland Murphy Beds and Speciality Murphy Beds too! Call Zoom Room Beds today on (888) 211-1120 and our friendly staff will help you choose the Murphy Bed for you!


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