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Things to Consider When Renovating a Condo

Renovating a Condo is an exciting time. Every condo comes with its own challenges, but this can be overcome with some careful planning. To make sure you’re not hit with any nasty surprises, here are the main points that we here at Zoom Room think you should consider.

The Rules of Having a Condo

When planning your condo, it’s crucial you understand the relevant policies…

The Planning Stage

How much renovating do you need to do?

Is it simple?

Or do you need to do some renovations?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself to maximize any small space and make each item useful within your home.

When designing your home, speak to an interior designer so they can properly understand your needs and come up with some ideas of what could work for you.

Make Sure to Budget When Renovating Your Condo

It’s so important to properly calculate and break down the costs of your renovation. Sometimes there are products that can make a space look and feel a lot more luxurious. You can spend a little and get back such a lot. The important thing to remember when renovating your condo is to make sure you are completely satisfied with what you choose. If your choice goes a little over budget, at least you know why!

You don’t want to struggle for money to meet changes in your budget - it’s an important mix of balancing what you ‘want’ versus what you ‘need’.

A simple and effective way of doing this is to keep your receipts - track them on an excel spreadsheet to monitor spending versus your budget.

Planning the Furniture for Your Condo

It’s vital that you plan your renovation well. If you enlisted the help of an interior designer, they will be able to suggest the type of furniture that matches your theme and even budget too.

Choose your furniture well, it is always beneficial to go for a combination of style and function. This is typical of many sofas that aesthetically fit your interior, but are extremely uncomfortable and therefore used more as a showpiece than an actually useful piece of furniture. If you can, try the furniture out before you buy it.

Sometimes, living in a condo can mean that dragging furniture to your top floor can be near impossible. Therefore, Zoom-Room would suggest that you consider building the furniture inside your condo or even purchase built-in furniture. For smaller condos, many designers suggest built-in furniture that has dual functionality.

A great product for small space storage and dual functionality would be a Murphy Bed or Zoom bed. These luxurious Italian made beds can be a useful addition to your home as a media unit or office space during the day and a cozy bed at night. You can maximise your space while using the minimum amount of precious space you have.

Stick to Your Renovation Timeline

It’s important to set a clear and concise timeline for your condo renovation project. If you are working with a designer or contractor, agree on a suitable timeline to insure it will be finished.

Try to Stay Flexible

Many people come up with these very complex renovation ideas that can be extremely difficult to pull off. People can often want a king-sized bed or a double sink. However, it’s important to stay flexible as if you are willing to make a trade-off, you may realize that some of your must-haves may just not be a necessity after all. For example, choosing a space-saving Murphy Bed Desk that doubles up as your home office, can free up a lot of space for storage that you can them use for simple luxuries that you may not have thought about.

Have a Room that is Multi-Purpose

Often with a condo floor plan, the square footage is very much the precise measurements. Therefore, what you have to work with can be minimal which doesn’t exactly leave you with a desired amount of space, so this is where you need a multipurpose room. The easiest and best way to accomplish this is by installing a Murphy Bed or Zoom Bed. A bedroom instantly becomes a combination bedroom and home office or guest room and cinema/media room - whatever you choose!

Renovating your Condo with Zoom Room

Having a room that doubles as a living room during the day and a beautifully comfortable bed at night is perfect for anyone who’s a little pushed for space in a city condo.

For more information, contact Zoom Room today on (305) 677-9148.


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