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Top Tips for Decluttering your Home in Time for Spring; Murphy Bed Edition

Winter is finally making an exit and spring colors are in bloom. While the dismal setting may be fading outside your home, your interior space may still be facing repercussions from the gloomy winter weather; namely clutter. With additional time spent indoors hibernating from the harsher climates resulting in additional mess, a good spring cleaning may be in order to refresh your home.

Decluttering goes far beyond the aesthetics of your home and workspace. It is essential for both your health and mental wellbeing. A comprehensive spring clean can alleviate the stress from the winter doldrums. Indeed, anything from increased productivity, reduced feelings of anxiety and improved physical well-being have been strongly associated with a spring cleaning movement. As the saying goes, a tidy room equates to a tidy mind.

Learning how to declutter your home and (and as a result, decluttering your life) doesn’t need to be as painful as some make it out to be. And the benefits are numerous. In order to provide some expert advice, here are our top spring cleaning tips to help you declutter in time for the hectic spring and summer seasons.

Prioritise Your Spring Cleaning Tasks

It’s easy for people to fall straight into the trap of wanting to clean their entire homes all in one. Embarking on such an arduous task is overwhelming and thus any way in which individuals can speed up the process seems like a principled approach. The problem with this, however, is that it can be very easy to overburden yourself with an extensive list of tasks, without having a clear and manageable way of completing them.

Before you begin, prioritise what needs to be done first. Consider what areas of your home you have the biggest grievances with or what is going to be the most effective area to pursue first i.e., the bedroom as it’s where you spend the most time in, or your home office desk given your new work-from-home environment. These are all really important questions you should ask yourself prior to starting the spring clean.

House Beautiful recommends creating a schedule which can help prioritise tasks and make sure procrastination doesn't set in; a devastating feat for any spring cleaning movement.

Lizzie Grant, founder of declutter demand, explains the importance of 'starting with easy areas' such as 'just one category of clothes' instead of your entire wardrobe, breaking the process down into manageable chunks. Once you have selected such an area, tackle the decluttering process and do it well. This means throwing away anything that no longer has valid meaning to you or you no longer use. As lizzie stipulates, this year alone has been about finding household items/ belongings that mean something to do. Keep those things with positive sentiment and that serves a fundamental purpose in your home. The rest, throw away.

Let Go of What You No Longer Need

This leads us nicely onto our second spring cleaning tip, get rid of what you no longer need.

It can be hard to part with our belongings, especially those of sentimental value. Decluttering goes beyond just getting rid of things; it's an act of self-care, can improve your overall well being, and help you take back control of your home.

Removing household clutter that serves little purpose is thus essential for a well-groomed home. This goes as far as throwing away household furniture that is bulky and takes up essential square footage in your home, creating a messy and imbalance interior aesthetic.

This is one of the major appeals with multi-use furniture, as it allows the home to adapt to the needs of multiple functions and purposes without cluttering the space. ‘The adage “a place for everything and everything in its place” applies here more than anywhere. For example, a high-quality murphy bed desk can provide that source of flexibility within your home, where both a bed as well as a desk can reside; all in one product. Ample floor space is achieved during the day when the desk is being utilised by the homeowners, then with a simple touch of a button, a comfortable bed can appear at night. This is desirable for many homes who want the convenience of a spare room or even a bedroom with a desk, without having to worry about the room dimensions and subsequent clutter associated with multiple heavy duty pieces of equipment.

Multi-purpose furniture can be an excellent solution to overcome this challenge, as it can be constantly adapted to your needs and therefore put to appropriate use. If there were ever a desirable spring cleaning product, multi-functioning furniture definitely ticks the boxes.

Organise Things Well

One of the key ingredients to any decluttering / spring cleaning process is organising your items in a neat and orderly fashion.

Whether your home is made up of a big family or a single person, almost every household has at least one cupboard that’s so full that tidying becomes a hassle. What’s more, the bed, sofa and dresser take up so much room there is hardly any space left to move around. But space is absolutely essential for a pleasant living ambience.

The best way in which one can achieve such a desirable clutter-free environment is by utilizing essential storage solutions. There are a whole range of furniture that can be used to store clutter, from a sleek chest of drawers to a modern customized cabinet collection, with even a display unit or bookcase satisfying the job.

We suggest that before you begin, remember that some items will need to be more accessible than others, such as cooking utensils, clothing you wear regularly and any important documents / files you need for work. Again, this is where smart, space-saving solutions come in particularly handy.

The opportunity to combine highly attractive aesthetics with functional benefits in particular is a practical expectation in everyday life and thanks to combined creative efforts designed by Zoom-Room, you can customize your rooms to suit your individual needs at the touch of a button. For example, depending on your mood, the installation of a murphy bed can be folded out to reveal a television, or a comfortable sofa. A bed can also be integrated to fill the space usually occupied by your desk during the day, tucked neatly away for your practical use. However, surrounding these multi-functioning furnishings is the option of customizable cabinetry such as bedside tables or desk cabinets and files, completely tailored to the specific dimensions of the room to maximize horizontal space and helping to achieve a clutter free home.

Storage solutions are a fundamental asset to many homes; even for those minimalist upon us. They help to keep an organised interior, where everything is placed in a dedicated area. As small business trendz stipulate, storage is a great way to organize your brain and keep track of different areas of your business. This is particularly pertinent for those working remotely - which the majority of individuals are at this present moment.

All in all, multifunctional furniture is proving to be an extremely practical and versatile companion in everyday life, while remaining stylish and easy to operate and extremely useful for decluttering ones home.


Whether you are contemplating spring cleaning or are already starting the process, these tips are useful to bear in mind when transforming your winter interiors into cleanly spring furnishing. Don’t be overburdened by the task at hand, break cleaning into manageable chunks. Start with your key areas in your home and then work your way from there. Chuck away those items that are redundant and even replace them with ones that serve multiple purposes. The outcome? A beautiful home that is ready for the sunshine and happiness this spring 2021…


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