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Working from Home When Your Home is Too Small - Murphy Beds and Saving Space.

How to Stay Comfortable in your home during the Coronavirus Lockdown?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people are self isolating in their homes, which has triggered remote working at a grand scale. What we learn in the next few months could change the future of work that has been on the horizon for some time, with or without a global pandemic: working from home. As people across the globe unplug their laptops and headsets, fetch their children from schools and get the last of the non-perishable goods from the convenience stores, many question whether they will be able to cope for (a minimum of) 14 days in their homes, working productively while isolated from colleagues, friends and extended family. While perhaps a bit late for the current crisis, we have devised a list of design ideas that might help those working at home, drawing upon the advantages of some of our space saving (and sanity promoting) products.

Lack of Space?

You may already be noticing how working from home is not always entirely thrilling, particularly if you are not set up for it. Burgeoning urbanization has led to millions of people living in small condos and apartments, potentially making this “working from home” idea a recipe for disaster. Homes are increasingly smaller, with limited space for your personal possessions, much less desk-top computers, printers, and files! Your kitchen counter as a desk, your couch as your office chair and your commute to work the length of your hallway: Bringing your laptop to Starbucks never seemed so desirable! How do you ensure work productivity doesn’t dip dramatically once your bedroom is your office? If you live in a very small space, installing a Murphy Bed in your home enables you to comfortably use a single room for dual purposes. For instance, a Zoom-Room Murphy Bed can seamlessly transform your bed into an office by pressing your remote. Murphy Bed desks provide you with a compact stylish desk by day, but a convenient bed at night, rendering an overall unique space at a cost much reduced from having a separate home office! Zoom-Room is also an expert in designing custom home offices and cabinetry in tight spaces, creating the perfect solution that meets your specific needs and style.

Kids Not Entertained?

To add fuel to the fire, another side effect of the current pandemic is school closures. While some parents may have worked from home with their kids for the occasional sick day or weather-related school closure, the prospect of doing this for several weeks could be a particularly daunting endeavor. If you already feel as if your space is crammed, claustrophobic and constricted - kids at home are only going to make matters worse. Thankfully, a Murphy Bunk Bed in your child’s room can easily accommodate more room to play during the prolonged stay. This is a lifesaver if you don’t have a spare room for your child to get excess energy out during playtime. With sports events cancelled over the coming weeks, children are bound to have surplus stores of energy, so additional space in your home can be a lifesaver.

Partner working from home too?

Forced proximity is a big challenge for relationships. Respecting each other's space will be difficult during this time, particularly if you feel like you are both on top of one another. Forcing stressed-out people to live together for a minimum of two weeks without being able to distance themselves is likely to aggravate an already unsettled situation (and if there are children, well, the stress can just multiply). For those living in smaller apartments or condos, Murphy Beds are a convenient, stylish solution that will help you save valuable space. For example, our elegant Italian Fold Down Desks and Tables enable you and your significant other to create make-shift office areas. Instead of balancing your laptop and files on your knees or the coffee table, you have your own home office that will ensure your remote working is as productive as possible. This design enables you to add elegant utility even in the smallest home. The brilliant engineering of each of our products allows for all of this with minimum effort in the least amount of space. Whether it’s a convenient fold down desk or a large fold down kitchen table - these products help alleviate problems you may experience both living - and working - under one roof.

To Conclude..

Now, more than ever, is the time that people are crying out for additional room in their homes. As businesses on a global scale prepare to shift their employees to remote working as a result of COVID-19, we may see a change to the future of work as we know it. It must be noted that our Murphy Beds extend beyond these short-term measures of ‘additional space’, and are in fact, practical and beautifully engineered products that bring a balance of beauty and comfort to your home - a factor that is essential now, and always...


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