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Zoom-Bed Installation - Can You Do It Yourself?

Are you planning to renovate a room in your home? Maybe you are looking for additional floor space, or more storage. Maybe you are just after a comfortable place for your guests to stay when they visit. A lot of renovation projects are perfect for a DIY enthusiast, but how do you easily retain space in the room and also have a bed for your guests, without all of the hard work and consuming so much time?

The Zoom-Bed!

Zoom-Bed is an innovative space saving solution - the electronic, remote controlled, retractable Murphy Bed is stored in the back of a cabinet. With the touch of a button, your Zoom-Bed and mattress emerge into the room. Another touch of the button and it will glide back up into the cabinet, freeing up floor space. Each Zoom-Bed must be housed in its own cabinet, built to our exact specifications. That does not, however, limit you - instead it opens a world of unique, smarter design solutions that expand both your space, and your lifestyle. Unlike traditional Murphy Beds that fold down, with a Zoom-Bed you may put a TV or shelves in front. Media cabinets can hold up to a 65” TV, while our ever-popular Zoom-Desk can fit a 60” TV. If you prefer, you can put book shelves or art boxes in the center, and add side tables, cupboards and all sorts of features to the side cabinets. Dimmable, programmable LED lights are available throughout, as are USB/110v power strips for the pull-out side tables. The combination is really up to you with our custom cabinetry options - creating the perfect storage solution for your space has never been easier!

Why Can’t I Just Build It Myself?

You can, if you’re a qualified cabinet maker. But a Zoom-Bed and its cabinetry are specially designed, engineered and produced to exact specifications to ensure the smooth running of the mechanisms and longevity of use. We ensure that all of the working parts and specifications are made to fit the purpose, enhancing the overall quality and longevity of the product. If you’re a pro, or an experienced amateur, no problem, or you’re welcome to hire a cabinet maker locally (we provide excellent shop drawings and full support).

Our Zoom-Beds are available to purchase from Zoom-Room directly or through one of our 50+ authorized dealers as independent distributors. Your Zoom-Room dealer will install your Zoom-Bed for you! If you don’t have a dealer nearby, we will send an installer to your home.

If you’re handy with a drill and have some experience with cabinetry, you can save installation costs by installing your Zoom-Bed and cabinetry on your own, or by hiring a handyman or cabinet maker to install on your behalf. Each unit comes with installation instructions, plans and measurements and you can also find them on Zoom-Room's website here. We recommend looking at these before deciding whether you can do it yourself, or if you require our installation service. If you run into problems, we can arrange for our head installer to Facetime with you to troubleshoot any issue that might arise.

Do You Have Any Examples of Client Installations?

Most clients prefer to have Zoom-Room or one of our dealers handle the installation. But there are exceptions. Recently we received an email from a client who had originally passed the fabrication and installation of his Zoom-Bed and cabinetry to a contractor during the remodel of his house. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, his contractor was unable to fulfill the install. He was clearly a talented cabinet maker himself, as you can see from his testimonial:

“I installed all the cabinetry during the remodel of our house and had become familiar with the shop drawings and other materials from your website. I gave it a shot. With the dimensions provided by your shop drawings, I was able to order panels perfectly cut. I have a little more work to do on the trim, but everything functions smoothly as expected. I’ll be putting some crown molding to make up for the unevenness of the ceiling.

All in all, we are very pleased with the product, it is surprisingly comfortable too. We’ve highly recommended it to others. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”


Although it is technically possible to do it yourself if you are experienced with cabinetry and are confident that you understand the plans, schematics and installation documents, we do highly recommend that your Zoom-Bed be installed by your authorized Zoom-Room Dealer, a handyman or a cabinet maker. The exact measurements and design of the cabinetry allows for the smooth, unhindered movement of the Zoom-Bed and its mechanisms, so must be built to the shop drawings to ensure safety and longevity of use for years to come. Please note that the Zoom-Bed Limited Warranty does not cover labor, cabinetry, or cabinet elements.

For more inspiration and photographs from our clients you can view our Gallery here. Call today on (888) 211-1120 or contact us to talk about your perfect Zoom-Bed and custom cabinetry for your renovated space.


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