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Be the Ultimate Host - How to Make your Guests Comfy in your Spare Room

It may seem like a challenge to make your guests feel at home, but it's quite simple. The key is a little hospitality, a welcoming personality and a few little touches here and there to truly make your guests feel special when they stay in your home.

Here are Zoom-Room’s top tips for being the perfect host for your guests:

  1. Create a welcoming space for your guests

This is possibly the most important part when accommodating guests in your home. There is nothing worse than going into someone’s home and not feeling welcome. To be the ultimate host you should make every effort to create a warm and welcoming environment. A freshly made-up bed, guest towels and

storage space for them to hang their belongings. All of these are little welcoming touches that provide your guest with the ultimate welcoming space.

  1. Make a good first impression

Although this applies to the host, it also is important for the guest to make a great first impression too! The age-old question as to whether you should remove your shoes in someone else’s home is a very real debate. We would always say to offer first and see what they say - that way you can do no wrong.

  1. Comfort is key and attention to detail in the bedrooms

Ensure you have freshly cleaned sheets, plenty of pillows and extra blankets and comforters if needed. As well as this, providing magazines or books will make your guests feel more welcome and will give them something to read if they are morning people and early risers.

As your guest room is one of the unused rooms within your home, it’s easy for little details to be missed. You don’t want your guest to be sitting in the dark, the tv not to be working or the clocks to be set to the wrong time. So, check the light bulbs, clocks and televisions before they arrive.

If you have a Murphy Bed installed in your home, then this will be a multipurpose room that would double as a bedroom and a living room. So, just make sure that it’s a cozy bedroom as much as it is a living room.

  1. Tidy up your home

As it may be an unused part of your home, thoroughly cleaning your home from top to bottom can be the motivation that you need when knowing someone is coming to visit - whether that’s a relative or friend. When people are visiting it can give you the motivation to get rid of clutter, make any small house repairs or even d that small redecorating project you’ve been putting off for the longest time.

  1. Plan something for your guests

Have something planned for your guests. You don't want to invite your friends to visit and not have anything for them to do. This could include a range of activities from simply going shopping or day at the pool, to a cocktail party. This doesn't mean you need to pack their itinerary with fun-filled time together, just be thoughtful about keeping them entertained.

A Murphy Bed To Make you the Ultimate Host

The beauty of the Murphy bed design is its ability to do both. During the day you have a luxurious, comfortable sofa with a back panel fabricated from the finest European laminates. At night, simply pull down the panel to expose a slatted frame Murphy Bed to create a convenient and comfortable guest room. Brilliant engineering allows for all of this with minimum effort in the least amount of space.

For more information on how Murphy beds will help you become the ultimate host contact Zoom Room today!


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