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Top 4 Benefits of a Disappearing Desk Bed

A Disappearing desk bed is a clever and neat solution, designed for everyday use. The desk bed design makes the most of confined living spaces and is the perfect investment for a room that needs to be both an office and a bedroom. In case you’re still undecided as to whether to invest in, here are the four benefits of a disappearing desk bed:

  1. Increased Living Space

  2. Stylish - Fits with your Interior

  3. No need to put anything away

  4. Comfortable and easy to install

  1. Increased Living Space

Now more than ever, a home office is an important feature to have in your home. With an increased amount of people adapting to working from home, you can have a convenient and stylish desk by day and a comfortable guest room at night. Simply pull down the front panel and your desktop will fold under the Murphy Bed slated frame.

If you’re living in the city and space really is a premium, then incorporating both your bed and desk in one compact area is essential. This combination allows for you to maximize your space and the most crucial times to fit with your lifestyle. With a beautiful fold down desk bed you have a bed that hides away when not needed, then effortlessly folds down into a generous workspace.

At the back of the unit, there is room for your keyboard and mouse, shelves to organize all of your office needs and even a 22’’ monitor. There is also an option to have a power strip fitted at the back of your desk, for your phones, tablets and monitors. Simply fold your Murphy Desk Bed back up and it all just disappears!

  1. Stylish - Fits with your interior

Possibly one of the most important benefits of a Murphy bed desk is the Italian style that is married with over fifty years of innovation. This beautiful and elegant space-saving furniture has the option of either the Dotto Horizontal and Vertical desk bed.

Each Murphy desk bed comes in a variety of modern laminate finishes that look like real wood. They can be designed to match the interior of your home and match with current interior trends. You could use one finish throughout or use one laminate for the sides and another for the front panel. If you have found another finish that you prefer, then send us a sample and we can help achieve the look that you want.

  1. No need to put anything away

The way in which the front panel folds under the slated frame means that with this design, everything on the desk stays perfectly in place. As well as this, there is a strap attached to the mattress for you to place around the bed when it is stowed away to keep the bedding in place. Although you will have to store the pillows elsewhere, there is no need to remove the bedding.

All Murphy beds can be custom made with perfectly suited custom cabinetry to store your pillows and important office work documents. Every Zoom-Bed must be housed in its own cabinet and built to specific specifications. With this in mind, Zoom-Room can therefore open a world of possibilities for unique and smarter design solutions expanding both your space and your lifestyle. Why not contact our Zoom-bed experts at Zoom-Room for a free design consultation?

  1. Comfortable and Easy to Install

The Muphy desk beds have a beechwood slatted frame supported by rubber gaskets. These are the frames they use in Europe rather than traditional box springs. Comfort is our main priority. The Dotto Horizontal and Vertical Desk Beds must be attached to the wall and installed properly which can take around 2-3 hours. However, the Besk Murphy Bed Desk is freestanding and much more simple to install.

Are you purchasing a Desk Bed today?

With the many design options available, a Zoom Room Murphy desk bed will enhance both your style and lifestyle. The benefits listed above of this fantastic design will optimize your space-saving solution and provide you with the ultimate comfort.

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