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Why a Murphy Bed is Better Than a Sofa Bed

It can take the perfect eye for interior design to transform a room from crowded to comfortable. Furniture within a bedroom is a must, but doing this in an effective manner is necessary so it does not take up most of the floor space within a room.

Space-saving solutions such as a Murphy Bed or sofa bed allow for maximum space while keeping a clean and streamlined aesthetic within your home. When searching for ways to create that additional space, sofa beds and Murphy beds have been battling for years.

Whether you’re looking for a new bed to accommodate your overnight guests and become the ultimate host, or simply to create a little extra space without feeling cramped. Here are a few hints and tips to help you decide the overall winner.

What is a Sofa Bed?

When you initially think of a space-saving bed, many would think of a sofa bed - a folding bed stored inside your sofa. It’s also extremely likely that you’ve slept in one at some point in your life.

Today, modern sofa beds use a folding metal frame that is attached to the sofa. A sofa bed is a useful piece of furniture with multi-purpose uses which is what makes it so appealing to people who are trying to maximize their space.

By day, this furniture offers comfortable seating, by night it converts into a bed.

At Zoom Room, you have the option to invest in a Sofa Murphy bed. A much more comfortable option compared to the traditional Sofa Bed.

You can now have the best of both worlds. During the day you have a luxurious, comfortable sofa with a back panel fabricated from the finest European laminates. At night, simply pull down the panel to expose a slatted frame Murphy Bed to create a convenient and comfortable guest room. Brilliant engineering allows for all of this with minimum effort in the least amount of space.

The patented aluminium colored reinforced iron frame allows for the safe and smooth operation of the bed. You may leave everything on the shelves – they won’t fall off! Each murphy bed couch is built for comfort with high-density foams and made from fine fabrics on solid metal frames.

What is a Murphy Bed?

The traditional Murphy bed is a brand of wall bed, but the name is now synonymous with wall beds in general. Murphy beds come in many options to make the most of a space and even provide multiple functions such as Rotating Murphy Beds and Murphy Bed Desks.

Although Murphy beds are ideal for small spaces, they work in large rooms too. They are a fabulous way to make a room feel open, airy and larger no after the size of the space. A comfortable and multifunctional piece of furniture for your home!

Why Murphy Beds Will Make Your Life Easier?

Murphy Beds are Space Saving and Convenient

Murphy Beds are very easy to set up when you’re ready for your bed. You simply pull the bed down and just right in. With the option of our fabulous custom cabinetry, you’ll have plenty of storage space for all the pillows and throws you need for those cold winter nights. They don’t feel heavy when you pull them back down into position or place them back into their upright position.

If you are looking for something where you exert little to no effort when turning cabinetry into a luxurious bed, then a Zoom Bed is a must! With the touch of a button, you have an elegant and comfortable bed that floats into the room.

The Zoom-Bed simply glides down a vertical track hidden inside an elegant cabinet. Just 24" deep, Zoom-Room is undetectable, and unlike other wall beds, does not interfere with your flat-screen TV, bookshelves or whatever you have in front of it.

A Zoom-Bed must be placed inside a centre cabinet. To view the center cabinet collections, click here.

A Zoom-bed is the smarter small space design solution.

Choosing your Space-Saving Murphy Bed or Sofa Bed

Comparing the pros and cons of Murphy beds and Sofa beds will help you choose the option that’s best for you. Overall, we would suggest a Murphy Bed to be the better choice, whether you’re buying for everyday use or a guest bed.

To discuss your options further, Zoom-Room would love to help you!

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