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Zoom-Bed Guide - 15 Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a Zoom-Bed, the retractable, electronic, remote-controlled Murphy Bed, at Zoom-Room we are confident that your new bed will bring you, your family and your guests many restful nights for years to come. You may have some questions about your purchase as well as the delivery and installation process. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive at Zoom-Room:

Zoom-Bed Purchase and Delivery

Where can I buy a Zoom-Bed from?

You can see our list of Authorized Dealers for your closest Zoom-Bed vendor, not all of them have show beds available - please call them in advance to be sure. If you cannot see a vendor near you on the list, you call us toll-free on (888) 211-1120 and we’ll direct you to a vendor in your area. If we do not yet have a vendor in your area, we will arrange to build and install your Zoom-Bed through our corporate offices.

When can I expect delivery?

You will be informed when to expect delivery of your Zoom-Bed unit. Generally it takes five business days from the day that it is shipped from our warehouse in Miami, but this timeframe may vary.

How many boxes should I expect and will they be heavy?

The mechanism and mattress come in 2 boxes. A standard center cabinet and two side cabinets come in 11 boxes. The lightest box is 50lbs and the heaviest is 150lbs. Please be sure to have someone to help should, for whatever reason, you need to move the boxes - it is a two-person job.

Zoom-Bed Installation

Will there be installation instructions included?

Each shipment will contain paper installation instructions. We can however send these to you in advance via email. You can also find shop drawings and related downloadable documents here on our website.

Who installs my Zoom-Bed?

Your Authorized Zoom-Bed Dealer will install your Zoom-Bed and Cabinetry. If you don’t have a Dealer nearby, we’ll send an installer to your home. If you’re handy with a drill, you can save installation costs by installing your Zoom-Bed on your own, or by hiring a handyman or cabinet maker to do so. Before deciding, read our Blog Zoom-Bed Installation - Can You Do It Yourself?.

What if I experience problems during installation?

If we are not installing the bed for you, a Zoom-Room Installation Expert is available weekdays from 10am-5pm EST for phone support to help you and your installers. Please do not hesitate to give us a call, as we pretty much have seen every issue that may come up. It’s best if you tell us when you’re going to install a day or two in advance - we’ll give you our installer’s cell phone so there will be no problem getting help when you need it.

Can I put a Zoom-Bed anywhere?

Almost, you need enough space for your Zoom-Bed cabinet with an unobstructed space extending 104” from the back of the cabinet to accommodate the bed as it extends into the room. You can see measurements and drawings for the different sizes available here. A Zoom-Bed does not have to be bolted to the floor or the wall like a traditional Murphy Bed, offering an added level of flexibility when creating custom design solutions for your space.

What type of flooring works best with a Zoom-Bed?

The Zoom-Bed works best on level hard floor surfaces or low pile carpet with thin padding. The mechanism will not “climb” well over rugs or other obstacles. Carpets with a higher pile and surfaces that are not level will impede operation.

Where does the power supply need to be situated for the Zoom-Bed?

The Zoom-Bed uses a regular 110v wall outlet, only one plug is required. It’s best if the outlet is located more or less in the middle of the area where the Zoom-Bed Cabinet will be placed, and that the bottom of the outlet is 18” above the floor.

Can I install a TV into the cabinet for the Zoom-Bed?

Yes - if your cabinet is designed to add a TV, it’s easier to install it before you install the mechanism and mattress (though you can do it either way). We have downloadable AV Instructions, or we can email these directly to you.

Does the Zoom-Bed come with a warranty?

The Zoom-Bed mechanism and mattress have a 5 year limited warranty. If any part breaks due to normal wear or tear, we’ll replace it - call (888) 211-1120! See our Warranty for the exact wording and specifications. Please note that cabinetry, mattress covers, and batteries are not included in the Warranty.

Using your Zoom-Bed

How long does the Zoom-Bed take to fully extend or retract?

It takes the Zoom-Bed about 40 seconds to either extend or retract. For safety reasons, you must keep your finger on the button during this time.

Can I use my own mattress on the Zoom-Bed?

No. The Zoom-Bed uses a premium foam mattress that is specifically designed for and included with the Zoom-Bed mechanism. We offer both our standard firm mattress, and an upgraded mattress with an integrated memory foam topper, for those looking for something a bit softer.

Can I leave the bedding on the Zoom-Bed?

You can leave a fitted sheet on your Zoom-Bed. Other sheets and blankets must be removed and stored elsewhere when the mattress is retracted back into the cabinet.

How much weight does a Zoom-Bed support?

A Queen-size Zoom-Bed will support up to 450lbs with the mechanism in a fixed position. Note that you should never extend or retract a Zoom-Bed while anyone is on it. Standing or jumping on a Zoom-Bed will damage the unit.

If you have any further questions about your Zoom-Bed purchase or would like a FREE Design Consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Zoom-Room on (888) 211-1120 or Contact Us here.


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