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Top 10 reasons you need a murphy bed

Are you looking to purchase a murphy bed?

No matter what reason you’re considering a murphy bed, here’s why owning a murphy bed will be the best decision you’ve made in 2021.

Why you need a Murphy bed?

  1. A space-saving solution

  2. Safe and easy to use

  3. Comfortable and convenient

  4. Completely customizable cabinetry

  5. Many designs to suit your home decor

  6. Multipurpose space with your room

  7. Great for entertaining

  8. Highest quality space-saving bed available

  9. They are attractive

  10. Feng Sui to your space

1. A space-saving solution

Firstly, one of the most notable factors when choosing a murphy bed is the extra space it will provide. If you are short of a little space and need an extra bed for your guests every now and then, a murphy bed is the best space-saving solution. You are able to maximise your living space, while also having a comfortable place to rest your head.

If you live in the city and space is at a premium, Murphy Beds as well as Zoom-Beds afford plenty of room to accommodate your daily routine without a large bed taking up the majority of the space and getting in the way.

2. Safe and easy to use

At Zoom-Room, safety is our top priority. Thanks to German engineering and manufacturing, you can easily install the Zoom-bed that does not require any manual lifting. The Zoom-bed Murphy bed simply glides down a vertical track hidden inside stunning custom cabinetry.

There are 3 key safety tips that our Murphy bed experts believe are the most important when purchasing a Murphy Bed: buy a high-quality murphy bed; get it installed by a professional; and choose a hydraulic lift mechanism. All of this can be detailed further in our blog about murphy bed safety.

3. Comfortable and convenient

When many people think of a stowaway bed, they tend to believe they are not as comfortable as traditional mattresses. However, this is definitely not the truth! The foam mattresses used on Murphy beds hold their elasticity for decades - no lumpy or sagging mattresses. The bed frames are made from high-quality beechwood slats, which is a classic European design.

4. Completely customizable cabinetry

All our Murphy Bed and Zoom-bed designs can have built-in custom cabinetry to suit your needs. No two designs will ever be the same. We aim to meet your needs in both size and style.

Our design team can create a Murphy bed specifically suited to your needs - whether that’s a media unit, a sofa bed or a home office. We create a design that works for you. The possibilities are endless.

5. Variety of designs to suit your home decor

Murphy beds can come in a variety of different finishes and styles, seamlessly integrating with coastal, country, traditional or modern decor.

For more information about how our innovative designs fit with modern decor - check out our blog about how murphy beds fit with current interior trends.

6. Multipurpose space with your room

Almost any room within your home will see it as a versatile space, becoming a multi-purpose guest room and home gym. Your office space during the day can easily become a cozy bedroom at night. There is the option to invest in a murphy desk bed, particularly now working from home is a regular occurrence.

7. Great for entertaining

If you are wanting an entertainment unit and looking to incorporate a TV into your space. Then, a custom-designed media unit with a remote-controlled Zoom bed is the perfect fit for a multipurpose room. Check out our blog all about Zoom-Room Murphy TV beds.

8. Highest quality space-saving bed available

Over the years, the Murphy bed has evolved into the ultimate space-saving solution for homes. Take a look at the evolution of the Murphy bed to see how William L. Murphy took this concept to the next level and be the amazing design it is today.

9. Murphy beds are attractive

Murphy beds are both stylish and contemporary pieces of furniture that can be designed to suit many different home interiors. From Zoom-Beds the custom Amish beds, there is plenty of variety to suit every home.

Murphy beds are attractive beds where the pillows can be stored in the side cabinets, while the sheets can be left on when the bed is stored away. To find out more about Murphy bed bedding and how attractive they are check out our blog all about Murphy bed bedding.

10. Adds a little Feng Sui to your space

Adding a Murphy bed into your space will add a little feng shui to your home, providing balance, calmness and relaxation. The custom cabinetry that hides your Murphy bed should be placed in a central location. The key to a feng shui bedroom is perfect bed placement. Zoom-Room experts say you want to see the door but not have the bed directly in line with it.

So, the question is... NOT are you getting a Murphy Bed? But, which Murphy Bed will you choose?


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