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Custom Cabinetry for Your Murphy Bed

To match your style and meet your exact needs - custom cabinetry for your murphy bed creates the perfect solution. You can add wardrobes, bookshelves and art boxes to name just a few space-saving solutions.

Every Zoom-Bed must be placed in its own cabinet that can be built to custom-designed specifications. Zoom-Room’s smarter design solutions will expand both your space and your lifestyle.

The fully customizable design solutions feature laminates that go perfect with contemporary decors, mimicking stone, linen fabrics and exotic woods. All of these designs help to create the ultimate urban flair within your home. You can have all the benefits of laminate but still look like traditional wood - what more could you ask for?

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, Zoom-Room provides shaker cabinets that would make the perfect accompaniment to your space-saving murphy bed design.

Customizable Features for your Murphy Bed

There are so many additional customizable design features to truly make your Zoom-Room Bed your own:

  • Extra height - 87” to 92”

  • Premium dimmable LED Lighting with a wireless remote and iPhone/Alexa connectivity

  • Glass inserts

  • Roll out side tables

  • Shaker panel and crown molding to create a more traditional style

Let’s talk you through the Zoom-Room Murphy Bed Design Process

  1. We have an initial consultation to talk through what you’re looking for.

  2. You’ll send over photos of the space you want to fill with one of our fabulous Murphy Beds and Zoom-Room will prepare the drawings (part of our free design consultation process).

  3. Once we have decided upon a Murphy Bed design that best suits your style and needs, a price estimate will be sent to you.

  4. Finally, your dream custom-made Murphy bed is sent to your home and can be easily assembled by one of our skilled and authorized Zoom-Room dealers. But, don’t worry if you don’t have a dealer nearby, we’ll send an installer to your home.

DON’T FORGET - Murphy Beds can be sofas, desks and even bunks beds (just to name a few!). With completely customizable designs solutions, the possibilities are endless. Check out all the Murphy Bed options here.

Zoom-Room Murphy Bed Cabinetry Finishes

Your custom cabinets can come in a variety of finishes that have grey, white and beige tones. Murphy beds and Zoom beds with these varieties of finishes, suit a contemporary and stylised home, with the option to have shake cabinetry too.

If you prefer a finish with deeper wooden tones our modern laminate designs look as good as traditional wood.

Why Choose Zoom-Room for your Custom Cabinetry Murphy Bed

From start to finish our Zoom Room dealers will guide you through the whole process, making everything run as smooth as possible.

Zoom-Room design services are free and carry no obligation to buy. Start a conversation with our design specialists to see how you could maximize your working from home environment


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