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Step By Step Guide to Designing your Zoom Bed

Zoom-Room’s space-saving solutions serve a multitude of functions in the home. Whether you are seeking a remote-controlled swivel bed for your aging parents, a Zoom-Desk for your home office space, or an entertainment hub complemented with custom cabinets for when guests come to stay, the choices are endless.

While there are an array of options available, there are some simple yet important steps to take before creating your unique product. In order to provide insight into this, we have created a step-by-guide, which outlines from start to finish, the process of designing your very own Zoom-Bed product.

Step 1: Research the Website

Start your transformation by using our website as a source of essential information. provides insight into how the Zoom-Room bed works, helping you discover which of our products can fit into your lifestyle.

In your research, you’ll find out why the Zoom-Room electronic, remote controlled retractable Murphy Bed is considered the ideal solution for convertible spaces. It’s completely undetectable and transforms a beautiful piece of furniture into a totally comfy guest bed in under 40 seconds. Unlike other Murphy Beds, it does not need to be attached to the wall!

The Zoom-Bed functions best on level hard floor surfaces and low pile wall-to-wall carpet with thin padding..

From the product pages on-site, you’ll learn about our unique and bespoke products such as the Zoom-Desk, a perfect way to turn any guest room into a home office. You'll also get an idea of which cabinet style - there are many to choose from - might make sense for your home.

The gallery section is also a fruitful source of inspiration, as you can see what other folks have done and the extensive customization and exciting designs that are possible with a Zoom-Room Murphy Bed.

Step 2: Measure

Determining the dimensions of your room is vital for the installation of a Zoom-Bed. Make sure you have at least 64” of width and 87” of height if you’re interested in a queen size bed. It is also important to note that the bed extends 106’ from the wall, so measurements are essential to ensure that your room can accommodate this product.

Top tip: Be sure there won’t be any obstacles in its path that are not easily moved (rugs, coffee tables, etc).

Determine whether there is additional space for storage cabinets on the side or above the bed - they can be customized to meet your specific needs and room size!

Step 3: Call Zoom-Room

If you like what you see, the next step is to call our professionals at Zoom-Room, who are ready to answer all of your questions.

When designing your Zoom-Bed, our professionals will have an in-depth conversation with you regarding what you need and how our products will work best. Each call is completely tailored to a unique and bespoke Zoom-Room design.

The phone conversation will start by outlining what the room is for - i.e., is it a guest room, a home office or a studio apartment. These are extremely important questions as they form the foundation of the design and enable our professionals to discuss the most suitable and ergonomic products for your space.

Next, our professionals will want to determine who will be staying on the Zoom-Bed? Will it be the owners who use it every night, or occasional quests such as children, elderly parents, or friends and guests of all ages.

They will also inquire about whether you want to hang a TV or if you prefer shelves at the front of the Zoom-Bed. Whether you need a home entertainment centre, a china cabinet, or simply extra storage, Zoom-Room is unique in allowing you to utilize the space in front of the cabinet, allowing better utilization of the space and far better integration into your decor - the design is limited only by your imagination. Side and upper storage cabinets can be added to further maximize your space! Whether it’ s hanging storage for guests, popular pull-out side tables, upper storage, light boxes, file drawers, linen storage etc, our professionals will help customize the space to meet your exact needs!!

Our discussions also help determine your preferred style, allowing us to create a product that seamlessly fits in with, and enhances, your existing decor. This includes a careful assessment of the floor plan, wall colors, and the other furniture in the room. Whether you are looking for contemporary, traditional, transitional, mid-century modern, Industrial Chic or beachy informal, the choices are endless.

Step 4: Drawings

At Zoom-Room we offer a free visual starting point for your Murphy bed design.

Our shop drawings will specify the dimensions of the cabinetry that accommodates your Zoom-Room mechanism and mattress. From there, you can choose your storage cabinetry options to build virtually anything above or on the sides..

Additional conversations move the process forward, ensuring you get exactly what you want out of your custom unit.

Step 5: Price Estimate

Once you are delighted with the design, ee will provide you with a price estimate. Costs will vary depending on the scope of the design, the chosen materials, and added options such as lighting, pullouts, glass inserts, etc.. We can always make changes to create a unit that will meet your needs AND fit your budget.

Step 6: Invoice

Our invoicing system works by paying 50% of the overall price at the start of the project, then the remaining 50% prior to shipping. Cabinets generally take 10-12 weeks to fabricate.

Step 7: Shipping

The shipping options available are to the curb or White Glove delivery into the residence. This usually takes between 3-10 working days once the product is finalised to your specifications.

Step 8: Installation

For the installation, you may either hire someone locally, or Zoom-Room will happily install the bed for you. Please make sure all renovations are completed (including painting) before scheduling your Zoom-Bed installation. Make sure the space is clear of all furniture and objects, especially art works and objects of value so the installers have room to work safely.

Finally, we are grateful to receive pictures of the finished product in your home. We’re super proud of how we transform our clients' spaces, and our beautiful designs make us as happy as they make them!


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